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I saw Colette at a group reading I went to with a friend and was absolutely shocked of how she came out of the box with amazing information.  I got more than what I expected that day.


San Dimas, CA

This was the most unbelievable experience hands down. Colette made contact with my mom who passed three years ago from throat cancer and was so precise with many things she said. Members of my family name came forward with details about my private life that nobody would ever know! This has really made my day and given me the comfort I needed. Would recommend to my friends and family.


San Francisco, CA

“ Great reading by Colette! She makes the process of hearing from loved ones reassuring and comfortable. She has a very warm and nurturing personality that puts you at ease. I can't wait to work with her again! ”
Camarillo, CA

She was spot on!  Well worth it.  It will be nine years since my brothers passing and now I finally feel I can move forward.
Long Island, NY

Ahmazing! Experienced some awesome Mediumship. Colette is truly gifted and amazing
West Hills,  CA (Public Reading)

​​I enjoyed the reading and had two spirits come through. A wonderful medium. Very spot on with information and also explained how her gift works.
Aaron L.
Ventura, CA  (Public Reading) 

I can't thank you enough Colette for the reading I received over the phone.  It was more than I had hoped for or expected.  It was the one person I had hoped would come through and you provided enough information that there was no doubt it was him.  I recommend you highly to anyone who is looking for spiritual enlightenment in their life! 
Sincerely, Laurie Texas (Private Reading)

Thank you for all of the encouragement and honesty. Very appreciative.  Spot on. An amazing reader truly in touch with the angelic realm and a great person to listen to with wonderful information for daily life.
Daphne Washington (from radio show)

You are truly a gifted reader. Many of your future projections about my business dealings have come to pass, and in a most positive way. It is a great thing to be able to receive insight into future events in one's life.  I’ll be back. Thank you again.
Michael (Producer) Woodland Hills, CA (Private Reading)

I have had the pleasure of your services on several occasions and I must say that you've been more than helpful on business as well as personal affairs.  Highly recommended!
Leonard Beverly Hills, CA (Private Reading)

You were very helpful in our phone conversation. Thank you very much for making things in my life more clear to me.
Anja Glendale, CA (Private Reading)

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