Psychic Medium

​​​​​​Colette Summerland 

"Bridging Together Heaven & Earth"

Gallery Readings (private groups): Mediumship / Psychic readings

minimum: (5 people)

If you are interested in hosting a Gallery Reading or private Psychic Readings for your own personal event and have questions, please feel free to inquire via email or phone number on our contact page.  We will get back with you as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Everyone in attendance will receive a reading,
however much shorter in depth that a private reading.

$150 / plus travel expenses (if applicable)

**Please contact for more information**

Session Rates

Other Services:

Please specify the reading of your choice upon payment.  Thank you.

** tAROT

** Life Path Readings
** Aura Readings
** Spiritual / Angelic Guidance Readings

$69 / 20 minutes / One on One

Mediumship Readings
One on One
via Phone or Skype
$69 / up to 45 minutes

Payment must be made prior to the session.  Once confirmed, we will proceed with your private session of choice.  Thank you.

Session Rates

Mediumship Readings
One on One
(In Person Reading)
$89 / up to 45 minutes