A Mediumship Demonstration with a group of people is different than private one-on-one sessions.  See our FAQ page for more details.

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Let me start by saying that all Mediums are not created equal, meaning that we all have different ways of working just like any other profession.

I have varied ways I work with Spirit.  Sometimes they will work through me by starting out with names, specific dates, and/or events before or after their departure.  Sometimes the Spirits will come through with subtle clues of their personality while here on the earth.  I have no control over how they choose to come through.  Each one-on-one session is unique and can range from 45 minutes up to an 1 hour.

Private sessions are more personalized and geared toward one person....."you".

Please be aware that  a Group Readings experience is different from a private session, however all sessions start out with a blessing.

I work in the light of pure positive energy.  Love Energy  is the intent and  order of each session.

Expectations:  It is best to come with an open mind.  This is important for everyone involved energetically. 

Positive energy is what is important here.

With that said, please keep in mind that this is not "Television Mediumship" meaning it's 100% "raw" and not glamorized for entertainment with a cut and paste editing situation.  We will leave that up to the professional actors and their contractual agreements with the people who participate on the show.  So in 'reality', whatever Spirit relays to me, that's what you get.  My guides bring spirits to me who are close to clients and recognizable to them.

Skeptics are okay...however, cynics will never bring forth positive energy for the group or themselves and therefore will not attract what one is seeking.

A Mediumship Reading is not a replacement for grief counseling or therapy.

I do not promise nor guarantee that you will hear from who you'd like.  It would not be ethical to do so.  However, I do my best to bring forth a loved one, and find that 9 times out of 10, they usually show up.  With that being said, it is important to be fully open and aware of information which that does make sense to you as others in Spirit might be trying to come through for you.


tarot readings

Try it out.  Get answers on personal life, career direction, love & family relationships.

Being in synch with the universe with specific questions verses vague questions can lead to more direct and specific answers.
It is important to focus on what you want to know because if you are focused on a lot of non-related things, it  may not be answer specific. In other words,

it's like asking someone to answer many questions you  may have with only one answer.  It is also recommended that you think about the questions ahead of time as well as seeing the outcome in a positive light.  This will help with the energy of the reading situation and potential outcome.


Life Path Readings are provided with and without the Tarot using my gifts of "The Clairs".  My main ones are:  Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and  Clairsentient,

The benefits of a Psychic Reading is that it could bring gain clarity to a given situation, it could bring awareness and empowerment to a given situation so that individuals can make their own informed decision on how to proceed. People from all walks of life who seek these services usually looking for answers in their love life, financial life, and more.   An Aura Reading can be included with any of the Readings here with the exception of Mediumship.

Each session is unique and can range between 20 and 30 minutes.

SPIRITUAL welllness / ANGELic guidance

Did you know that you can receive personalized messages from the Angels via Channeling and / or Angel Cards on 'your' life?

You can receive divine guidance and comfort, The Angels can assist you along your path in life; guidance on relationship outlook (family, friends, and business).  This can also be added to the Life Path Reading above, but must be mentioned when booking your appointment. Each one-on-one session is unique and can range between 20 and 30 minutes.


Your aura consists of your own personal Energy Field  which is a customized identifier of your present circumstances.  It comes to some people in layers, however for me it comes in waves, etc. 
It is a good way to see yourself in the now so that you can have the upper hand on directing your own destiny. The Aura Reading can be included with any of the Readings here with the exception of Mediumship.

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