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A Word on Crystals

There are many different Crystals (colors, shapes, and sizes), however when a person doesn’t know which crystal to use for Healing, Psychic Work, etc.  Which one should they use?

I always advise a “Clear Quartz Crystal”.  You can never really go wrong with them.  Why?  Because they are considered a “general purpose” crystal.

They usually can be found in new age gift shops.

Crystals emit and retain psychic information, and energies of other people (positive and negative) who have touched them before you.  This is why it is important to clear your crystal of those energies and make it yours energetically by simply running cool water over them.

My advice is that it is best to initially to soak them overnight in salt water for the best purification process after purchase.

Wire Wrapped Crystals and Sea Glass Pendants